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Cher's Incredible Elephant Airlift

Two Wise Monkeys is THRILLED to let you know that Kaavan, the world’s loneliest elephant is ON THE PLANE, from Pakistan bound for Cambodia. Picture courtesy of our amazing cameraman director Jonathan Finnigan who’s traveling with the elephant on the 7 hr flight. Never been done before and take an army of people and a giant Russian military transport plane. Awaiting him in Cambodia, the one-and -only Cher and a beautiful new life. I am delighted to be working with Mike Kemp of Nutshell TV to be telling the story for Smithsonian Channel and Terra Mater with the forthcoming documentary Cher’s Elephant Airlift.

Operation Cher’s Elephant Airlift is underway.

The one-and-only Cher who organized this incredible operation with her foundation after The Wild is in Pakistan ready for tomorrow’s HUGE day when Kaavan the world’s loneliest elephant takes off for Cambodia. It will be an extraordinary operation. Two Wise Monkeys is delighted to be bringing this amazing story to the Smithsonian Channel and to the rest of the world with Terra Mater Factual Studios. Read more from The Guardian.

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